6 Tips to Dressing Modestly

Is it possible to look cute and dress modestly? Of course it is! Here are some quick tips to learn how to dress in a way that is attractive and lady-like!
1. Bend over. When you put on your shirt or you dress/skirt, bend over in the mirror. Can you see down your shirt? Does your skirt come up too high (like maybe up to your mid-thigh)? Then maybe it’s time to go shopping for a new dress/skirt or change your shirt. 
2. Wear undershirts. A modest girl’s best friend is an undershirt or camisole. Buy a nice little camisole and you’ll be able to wear that with any of your shirts that have plunging necklines.
3. Avoid tight clothing. Tight pants or shirts restrict your breathing and don’t let enough air flow get through your legs and body. So although you may think you look cute-it’s actually not healthy for your body. Tight clothing can increase your chance for acid reflux, heartburn, fainting, yeast infections, and nerve compression which makes your legs and hands tingly since your nerves are being constricted.1
4. Jump around. Can you jump around and everything stay covered? Can you raise your hands or run around comfortably? You want clothing that is going to allow you to be comfortable even when you’re having fun but that will still keep you covered and appropriate.
5. Raise ’em high! Can you raise your hands and your belly not show? If it does, the shirt may be too small. Get a bigger size OR put on that camisole we were talking about, getting a longer camisole under a shirt can really help you stay modest!
6. Pin your straps. Ladies, bra straps showing can not only be a nuisance but it can also be distracting for other people. Take a pin and pin it to your shirt so this way your bra straps never show!

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