Tips to Becoming a Great Babysitter!

It’s summer time and that means sun, beaches, love, and fun! But it may also mean that you need to look for work and babysitting may be one of the greatest (and funnest!) summer jobs you can besides working at summer camp!

Being a great sitter can mean a lot of things, more money, more respect, and more babysitting jobs! So here are a few tips to being the best sitter in your neighborhood!

Before Your First Day
1. Ask tons of questions Don’t be afraid to ask tons of questions of the family, ask about family rules, bedtimes, etc. because the more you know, the better you’ll match the family’s needs. It’s better to ask too many questions than to ask too little….

2. Find out about disciplinary actions I have been in the position of children who misbehave and not knowing how to discipline. Do the parents do time out? Do they take away toys or privileges? What do I do? So know how they deal with discipline before you start work and get stuck in a sticky situation…

3. Get CPR & First Aid Certified Being certified in CPR and First Aid can really help you if any accidents or boo-boo’s happen but it also can help you ask for more money from parents since they know you’ve invested in yourself to make sure you are a quality babysitter. It will also help parents to feel more confident in your ability to sit and so you may get more jobs from parents in the area….

4. Get the emergency contact numbers It’s important to know who to call BEFORE an emergency happens to be sure to have these numbers with you or on the fridge of the parent’s house before they leave…

5. Only Accept a Job You Know you Can HANDLE Don’t be ashamed if you realize that it will require too much work or that you’re not qualified to take the job. If you’re only confident sitting for 2 kids but the parents are asking for you to sit for 5…and you’re not comfortable. DON’T TAKE THE JOB. Even if it means more money. Only take the job if you believe you will be able to take care of all the children when they are running around the house and driving you nuts!

Check back tomorrow for more! Got tips! Share them on Facebook or Twitter!


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