Tips To Becoming a Great Sitter II

So you’ve gotten the sitting job and you’re wanting to know how you can become a great sitter!

Well with these tips, you’ll become the family’s favorite sitter in a short time! So check out these ideas!

1. Always arrive 20-30 minutes early so you can go over any important details before the parents leave. This is particularly important on your first day, but be sure to consistently arrive early so you can find out what’s going on with the children and if there is any news that the parents need to discuss with you for that day

2. Create a schedule for the children Having a schedule/routine for the children will help them know what’s next with you. Children love structure, so schedule playtime, snack time, nap time, etc. It doesn’t have to be followed to the “T” every single day and you don’t have to avoid spontaneity because children do love that too every once and a while but they do love knowing what to expect as well….having a schedule will also help you to stay focused so you’re not worrying about what you should be doing next. So just know what you plan to do for the kids that day.

3. ALWAYS HAVE ALTERNATIVES There is nothing worse than planning a Zoo Day and then it unexpectedly starts raining and you have no idea where to take the kids. So always plan for rainy days EVEN if it’s blazing hot and 145 degrees outside (I hope it never gets that hot! lol)-it may start raining in the afternoon, so always have a plan for that

4. KEEP THE TV OFF It’s easy to then rely on TV to become the ACTUAL sitter while you play Tiny Tower on your iPhone-but don’t do this. Using the TV every now and then may be ok but try to do fun things like going out, visiting different parts of the city and actually do your job.

5. Have a Sitter’s Kit When I used to baby sit, one great tool that I had was a sitter’s kit. I got the idea from the Babysitter’s Club which I was obsessed with as a teenager…. 🙂 My kit had a coloring book, crayons, any craft projects we could do book, books, stickers, construction paper, popsicle sticks & glue. I would change it up consistently but I would give this to the children occasionally when I either needed a break or I wanted to surprise them with something fun to do. You can add whatever you like, get creative.

6. Teach the kids Take advantage of your time with them and teach the children something fun and helpful. Teach them the ABC’s, 123’s, the 51 states, a Bible verse, or a Christian song if the family is ok with that. Children love singing and dancing (well some children) so take advantage and have fun!


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