Tips to Handling Stress

Stress can have a horrible way of affecting how we feel, how we behave, and even how our body reacts. We may struggle with insomnia, crying fits, uncontrollable anger, weight gain, inability to eat, or eating too much or even have trouble relaxing-all because of stress.

So how do you learn how to calm down? Try these tips!
1. Learn to accept things. Ask yourself three things:
(a) What can I change?
(b) What do I have control over?
(c) How can I change it, if I can?

Identify what you can control, admit what you cannot control and then seek the solutions to change what you’re able to change
2. Practice self-care. Do something nice for yourself every once awhile. Remember by writing down on your calendar, things that you can do throughout the year to pamper yourself. Ex. “Mani/pedi, read to my child, crochet or paint for an hour, sleep in an extra hour, take a sick day from work, go out to a nice restaurant, go hanggliding, etc.”
3. Slow your mind down. Try mind-numbing activities like open a bag of unpopped (or popped) popcorn and count the kernels one-by-one. It may be hard to sit down and just do it at first but you will find it VERY relaxing after awhile
4. Intentionally slow down. Learn how to take the slow life! Try to actually drive the speed limit, when you’re at the store, get on the longest line and just wait-patiently. Learn to actually slow down. 
I actually did a radio show on this topic so if you want to listen to it, take a listen here!!

What Are Your Thoughts?

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