Clean Your Livingroom in 15 minutes!

Only got 15 minutes to clean your living room? Try these great tips!
1. Clear the sofa. Just seeing a clear couch can really make you feel like your living space is clean
2. Put away the DVD’s, videos, etc. Half the reason why you feel like the livingroom is a mess is just because of the clutter, so put away things and you’ll find yourself feeling cleaner already!
3. Spritz the pillows with febreze. When things smell good, you feel cleaner!
4. Remove any dishes out of the room. They don’t really belong there anyway. 🙂
5. Put the mail in a box or on your desk. Putting the mail out of the way makes more space and puts it in a place where you’ll remember to go through it
6. Recycle the newspaper. You’re not going to read it or you’ve already read it so go ahead and recycle it. And if it’s been on the coffee table for more than a week, it’s time to go.
7. Remove all toys, clothes, etc. Anything that doesn’t belong in the living room, put it away.
8. Vacuum high traffic areas. A quick “zoom” and you’re floor will look fabulous!
9. Clear the coffee table.
Now enjoy your quickly cleaned living room!
Got any tips? Leave it below!

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