Fun Summer Activities

We are in the middle of one of the hottest summers and I’m sure you want to get the most out of it before school starts and fall is here.

But are you struggling to beat summer boredom? Have you run out of ideas of what cool things to do that are affordable enough for you and your friends or family to do? Well here are some great ideas for summer fun!!

1. Water Parks Head on over to your nearest water park and have a great time! If you’re trying to bring your family, it may get a little pricey so go to places like McDonald’s or your local supermarket (stores like Bi-Lo) or a local college (check the Student Association or Student Center) because often times they hand out discounts to whoever asks (yes even people who don’t attend the local college). They may hand you a coupon or just give you a ticket for a lower price, so be sure to check them out!

2. City Parks A lot of local parks have sprinklers and your children can have a ball with them! They’ll make new friends and hey, you can get in on the fun too! And it’s free!

3. Your Local Amusement Park Now, I don’t mean Six Flags. I mean your local amusement park, that’s more like a fair. Some cities have amusement parks that are on a smaller scale and don’t have as many rides or a variety of them, but they are still just as fun and they give you and your friends something to do for a very affordable price!

4. Take a class Sign up for a photography class, art class, dance class, acting, make-up, or whatever class! Check your local arts Center or your local theatre or just google for fun classes in your city! And at least it will be air-conditioned!

5. Go on a picnic Get some friends and head down to the park and have a picnic lunch or even picnic dinner on the grass. Bring guitars and maybe some bongo’s and let the fun begin! (You may want to take a camera too to capture the memories!)

6. Be a tourist in your own hometown Go to places like the aquarium, the planetarium, or the zoo (even if it’s small). Often times we forget about the hidden gems in our town until we leave the area so take advantage of them now. To find out what awesome places your city has to offer, see your local visitor’s center.

7. Volunteer Now I know you may be thinking, “volunteering! I don’t want to do that this summer!! I want to relax!” But you know, if you volunteer somewhere that you really enjoy, you will feel as if you are relaxing! Of course you can volunteer at places like nursing homes, women’s shelter’s, and homeless shelters but did you know you can also volunteer at places like the animal shelter-just to play with the animals? Well you can! Take advantage and call your local animal shelter to see if they need any helpers!

Let me know if you come up with any fun summer activities or if you try any of these down below in the comment section! 

What Are Your Thoughts?

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