How Can I Get My Kids In Shape?

Kids these days are suffering from things like obesity, diabetes, and other health problems that are related to weight. Want to teach your children how to get fit and love doing it? Read below for some tips!
1. Exercise Together. Kids learn by example so if you’re going out with them and showing them that exercise is fun (and it certainly can be) then they will follow you and do it too. Exercising doesn’t always mean going to the gym, you can do creative and simple things like, go walking after dinneror play together at the park or throw the frisbee around in the backyard. Ask your children what are some activities they like to do outside and get outside and do them!
2. Cook healthy meals. Again, you lead by example. So make sure that your meals have all the necessary food groups (see our blog on how to eat healthy). Make a rule that if you’re going to have seconds, you can only have seconds of vegetables. We all need a ton more vegetables than we eat so be sure to give your children tons of vegetables and be sure you’re eating them too!
3. Have healthy snacks available. One great way to be sure your children are eating right is always have healthy snacks ready for them to eat. Instead of having fruit in the fridge, leave fruit out on the table. Studies show that children are more likely to eat healthy if the food is readily available to them. Other snack ideas are snacks with no or low sugar (no snack cakes), only have 100% juice available (the can may say it’s juice but check the nutrition label to be sure that it ACTUALLY says 100% juice because most of them only say 18-30%. And avoid having soda in the house because soda is very unhealthy and carry tons of sugar that are bad for your hormones, body, emotions, and weight.
 4. Set limits for the electronics. We spend so much time on our xbox’s, iPads, camera’s, etc. that we don’t get outside. So be sure to set actual limits for the entire family. The less electronics we use, the more likely we will go outside to play. For example,limit all those types of games to weekends or after 7pm. Since other kids may not be outside (since they may be playing with their games sadly) take an hour to play with your children.
5. Don’t have unhealthy snacks at home. If you don’t have chocolate, chips, soda, pizza, etc. in the house-the children, nor you, will eat it. Now you may think this is unreasonable, and maybe it is, so make a commitment to only eat “junk food” outside of the house. For example, when you’re at a restaurant or at a friend’s house. Or you can even allow your family to have “cheat” days where you only eat cookies, ice-cream, etc. on Saturday’s. You and your family will appreciate it that much more AND you’ll actually find yourself not wanting it too. 
6. Sign them up! Sign them up for swim classes, gymnastics, dance classes, etc. Keeping them active in a fun way really allows them to stay healthy while having fun!

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