Natural Ways to Have Energy

Tired? Stressed out? Wishing you could perk up? Well don’t reach for the snicker’s bar-instead reach for healthy, natural ways that are sure to give you the energy you need to make it through the day without bringing harm to your body!

1. One way to beat fatigue is to have a healthy diet and have regular exercise. Eating a diet that’s filled with fresh foods, whole grains, nuts, and fruit will help you to feel energized throughout the day

2. Reduce stress in your life. Stress can really make you tired and cause you to feel constantly fatigued, so reduce as much stress as you can by learning how to manage it through hobbies, exercise, and/or counseling

3. Go for a walk/workout/jumping jacks/swim, etc. If you’re at work and you’re nodding off, then on your break-do a few jumping jacks or go for a walk. You may feel too tired to do it, but your body will perk up as a response to you getting it going.

4. Limit caffeine. Put down the coffee and reach for something healthier like green tea. Green tea has only 20-30mg of caffeine which is 5 times LESS than coffee and yet it will give you last energy to get through the demands of the day.

5. Eat protein rich foods or complex carbohydrates. Instead of cakes, cookies, and candy bars try eating an oat bran bar, apples, or whole grain crackers. The nutrients in these foods will definitely give you energy in a short amount of time

6. Try ginseng. Ginseng is known for it’s energy enhancing qualities so try it in tea, tinctures, or capsules

7. Drink water. Dehydration can actually cause you to feel more fatigued, so try just drinking a full glass of water

8. Eat peppermint or trail mix. Peppermint will signal to your brain to wake up in as little as 2 minutes and trail mix filled with walnuts, almonds, and dried fruits will have you feeling energized in no time.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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