Best Free Health Apps on iPhone!

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Are you trying to keep your weight off? Or are you trying to stay healthy? There are some great iPhone apps that can really help you lose the weight, keep it off, and stay healthy!

1. WebMD – WebMD allows you to “self diagnosis” yourself which, honestly, can lead to more of a headache. However, it can be helpful to help you find out what your symptoms are and then how to make yourself better-especially if it’s for something like a common cold.

Cost: FREE

2. Everyday Health – Everyday Health gives you healthy tips on how to care for your body and mind. They also offer information on health topics such as how to deal with anxiety, depression, or even allergies. There’s also a “community tab” where you can talk with people and ask questions and get answers on different health problems

Cost: FREE

3. P Tracker Lite – P tracker lite is the free version of P Tracker and this helps you keep tabs with your menstrual cycle. You can include notes on your moods, feelings, and activities so you can write down the things that affect your cycle. This is also excellent if you’re attempting to have a baby because it will tell you when you’re most fertile.

Cost: FREE

4. Nike Training – This is an excellent, EXCELLENT app if you’re trying to lose weight and stay healthy. This app is like a personal trainer and they create routines that you target the issues that you want to address (for example, weight loss, leaner legs, getting toned, ab work outs, strength training, or building stamina). You can add your own music to the workouts as well so you can work out to your favorite tunes! It’s one of the best apps you’ll ever have on your phone!

Cost: FREE

5. Lose It! – Another fantastic app is Lose it! This food diary is great to help you keep tabs with how many calories you are eating in a day. This is great for weight loss, maintenance, or just if you’re curious. You can scan the barcodes on your favorite foods or enter in the name of the food into the database and it will tell you how many calories, fat content, carbs, protein, etc. is in the particular item and then you’ll know how much you’re eating. If you’re trying to lose weight, the app will even tell you how much you will need to eat to lose or even gain weight if you need to.

Cost: FREE

These are only a few of my favorite health apps! Tell me what yours are in the comment section!

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