Pay It Forward: Random Acts of Kindess Ideas

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What if we all took the time out to try and go out of our way to do three nice things for random people around us today? Whether they be strangers or well known friends & family, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you brought a smile to someone’s face?

Here are a few ideas of how you can “pay it forward” and show random acts of kindness to people today:
1. Give a gift card to your mail man (leave it in the box for him/her) Do you know if your mailman loves to shop at Target or Home Depot? Then leave them a a gift card to their favorite store!
2. Write a thank you card/note to your mail man Can’t do the gift card but like the idea? Then leave them a note on either a card or just paper telling them you appreciate them and you hope they have a great day today!
3. Give a gift card to a stranger at Walmart Walk up to a stranger and give them a $20.00 gift or even $10.00 can go a long way. Or you can even give the card to the cashier to let them know you appreciate them.
4. Buy groceries for the customer behind you Now you may not be able to do this but if you are, then more power to you! Can you imagine how grateful a person would feel if they came up to the register and all of their items were already paid for? You may not be able to tell exactly how much everything in their cart would cost but maybe tell the cashier that you will donate $20-60.00 to the person behind you and whatever they buy. That would really speak volumes to the person….
5. Write a letter to a friend (snail mail style) Now everyone can do this since it will only cost you a stamp, envelope, and paper. Send someone a letter and just share your thoughts, how your day is going, and ask how they are. Just a simple letter in the mail can really make someone’s day.
6. Offer to watch someone’s child for free Know some parents who are dying for a night out? Offer to babysit for them for free!

7. Send a care package Care packages aren’t just for kids at summer camp. Send a care package to a loved one who is far away from home due to work or school, etc. Fill it with their favorite snack foods, fun games, gift cards, and other fun stuff!

8. Send flowers Surprise a loved one (or even a stranger) with a delivered bouquet of flowers. You can do it anonymously or with a card so they know it’s from you. 
9. Send an e-card E-cards are cheap, easy, and free most times. So send someone an e-card, just because!
Got any more ideas? Leave them down in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

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