Fun Exercise Ideas!

For some people exercising is naturally fun and easy to do, but for others…you have to be a little more creative just because it bores you or you just don’t like to do it.

Well whether you love to exercise or you hate it, getting creative with your workouts can ensure that you’ll truly stay consistent!

So here are a few ideas:

1. Go outdoors. Hiking is a great way to lose weight, stay fit, increase your cardio, and explore nature. Going early in the morning is great too because you’ll get time to clear your mind and get your workout out the way, but be sure to not go alone, no matter how safe you feel.

2. Walk at the Mall Typically malls have a walking “track” that you can follow. Just walk close to the stores all around the mall and if you have a pretty big mall, you can get a mile in without thinking about it. Some malls even have walking programs that you can join so you can make friends & get encouragement.

3. Use Netflix/Youtube Netflix has TONS of great exercise/workout videos that you can actually watch right on your computer through Instant Watching. You can do cardio, dance, pilates, and more. Youtube is also a great place to find exercise and fitness videos, check out youtube channels Fiteate (which is a fitness program for those who speak Spanish and English) and Blogilates

4. Go for a bike ride As children, we may have done this plenty of times and then completely forget about how fun it is. Well get back into it! Take your friends or your children for a bike ride and enjoy the scenery!

5. Take a canoe Feel daring? Go for a canoe ride! This is a great way to work your arms, core, and upper body!

6. White Water Rafting Did you know that you could lose as much as 300-500 calories just by going white water rafting? You’ll also tone your arms, back, and shoulders and since you’ll be working your core-you’ll actually be getting your abs in check as well!

How do you work out? Do you do anything fun? Share in the comments!

What Are Your Thoughts?

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