Essentials For Your Closet!

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Have you ever wondered what are the basic necessities that you should have in your closet?

Well here is a great list of the utmost basic clothing items that you should have in your closet. If you have these items, you’re sure to have at least a few outfits to make it through.

You don’t have to splurge and spend a ton of money on these items, you can save money by shopping at thrift stores, consignment shops, and by finding sales.

Here are a few basic items that you should have in your closet:

1. A dark suit A dark suit is really helpful if you have an interview that you have to look really nice for. You should have a dark suit in your closet that is preferably black and it could be a blazer with a skirt suit, it doesn’t have to be pants. Another great thing is you can wear each piece separately to get the most out of it.

2. Pencil skirt A pencil skirt can easily be dressed up or down, go for an A-line skirt instead if you know that is more flattering for your body frame.

3. A white shirt A button up white shirt can also be dressed up or down. It’s good to make sure that you have at least one of these shirts so this way you can be ready for a night on the town or for that impromptu interview

4. A black dress Classy, simple, elegant, and beautiful. You can wear it to church, to work, and to hang out-nothing gets more versatile than this.

5. A great pain of jeans This is not necessarily a necessity but if you enjoy wearing pants then having a pair of dark jeans (preferably) will prove to be very helpful for you. Dark jeans are best because they are more likely to go with any style.
Source: Bazaar’s Great Style: Best ways to Update Your Look

What are your closet essentials? Share them with me in the comments below!

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