Affordable Date Night Ideas!

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Want to go on a date but can’t really afford it right now? Don’t neglect your relationship!
Try these affordable and fun ideas instead!

At Home:

  • Look at picture albums of your childhood, children, or your relationship
  • Have a candlelight dinner
  • Give each other 15 minute back rubs
  • Write poems to each other and give them to one another
  • Read a book or story together
  • Read the Song of Solomon
  • Talk about your favorite memories together
  • Have a pillow fight
  • Play a board game together
  • Act out a skit together
  • Make popcorn or fudge

Go out
  • Make a date for a concert or a play
  • Take a short walk
  • Go window-shopping
  • Plan a trip to the zoo
  • Make a surprise visit to someone
  • Go bowling
  • Go hiking (be sure to take water with you!)
  • Attend a sporting event
  • Take a class together
  • Go bicycle riding

Are you there? Do you have any fun date ideas? Leave them down below!

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