Friday Favorites

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This guy’s got the right idea! It’s Friday!

 Whew! This week flew by! And what do you know, so did the month of July! I’m not too excited about August because August means….school. 😦 As a graduate student, school is not necessarily something to look forward too all the time-but, you gotta do it!
But at least I have the Friday Favorites to look forward to!!

Favorite Quote I just started reading “How to succeed at being yourself” and when I read this, I felt loved.

 When everyone only sees our faults, God still sees our possibilities”
-Joyce Meyer

Favorite Book A fantastic book to have in the house…beneficial and filled with wisdom.


Favorite Smile If you can watch this without smiling wildly then… need to watch it again. 🙂

Favorite Moment (Getting caught in the rain….which definitely happened to me this week…:))

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Favorite Encouragement Last night’s episode was EXACTLY what I needed to hear…I praise God for the ladies of By Beholding His Love Ministries and for the conversation…it really encouraged me.

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Favorite Tip Rachel Talbott is one of my favorite youtubers and bloggers. She posts videos and writes blogs on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She talks about how she keeps herself organized and I LOVE her idea! It’s simple, affordable, and…well I don’t know why I didn’t think of it first! Check out the video!


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