Sources of Protein for Vegetarian

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 There’s a myth out there that vegetarians don’t get a lot of protein since they lack meat and/or fish in their diet but that’s simply not true. Vegetarians can get a lot of protein from many different sources and if you’re wondering exactly where you can find protein-here’s a list!

Beans, Lentils, Legumes is one great resource for finding protein. It’s one of the richest sources of protein and there’s so many different options and kinds! Ex. Kidney beans, edamame

Soy products and tofu is also a delicious source of protein, particularly since tofu is so absorbent. You can make tofu taste like anything. Try it cubed, crushed, firm, or however you like it! Add curry, hot sauce, etc. and make a delicious meal tonight! Ex. Soy milk, tofu 

Vegetarian meat now eating these too frequently can prove to be not only boring, but it also can be unhealthy since they often have high salt contents to maintain the food. But having a garden burger once or twice a week can be tasty and great. Try things like Boco Burgers (which are personally my favorite!) or Morningstar sausage links!

Protein Shakes Some people like to eat/drink these right after a hard workout.

Tempeh This is a great alternative for people who aren’t really big on tofu but they want something similar.

Quinoa is a tasty source of protein that almost looks like rice but isn’t. It’s simple to make and you can find it at health food stores and even at places like Target.

Nuts, Butters, etc. Cashews, peanuts (and peanut butter), and any other nut can be a quick snack and a excellent source of protein. Ex. Roasted almonds

Are you there? So how do you get your protein if you’re a vegetarian? My favorite is tofu, what’s yours? 

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