Internet "Netiquette"

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 Because the internet is a source of communication that lacks the important things like tone, personality, facial cues, etc. we have to be more sensitive and careful about how we speak to others online. For example, things like sarcastic remarks that can be said lovingly and understood lovingly in person may come across as insensitive, mean, or even insulting when read online.

I’m sure you’ve been in that position where you’ve had to explain to someone that you’re not upset with them or that you didn’t mean what you said in the way that the person read it but because they couldn’t read your tone, they didn’t know that you were just being nice or just joking. I know I’ve been in that position plenty of times (if you’ve been to any of my seminars, you know that I can be quite the sarcastic person…:) ).

So in an effort to be kind and loving towards everyone on the internet, there are simple tips that we all can use so as not to offend the person we’re speaking to online. Here are a few ideas!

DON’T USE ALL CAPS When you use all caps it sounds like you’re shouting at the person or like you’re being aggressive. So be sure you’re caps lock is off and just speak/type. 🙂

dOn’T tYpE lIke tHiS Not only does it make your reading a little stressful on the eyes, it doesn’t makes you seem very intelligent.

Treat others like you want to be treated This sounds simple enough, but tons of people don’t follow this rule. If you don’t want people to say mean things about you, then don’t say mean things to other people.

Avoid Spamming People It’s great to share your blogs, websites, etc. but be careful to not over do it. If you leave a comment on someone’s youtube channel or blog and you would like to leave your site as a signature, that’s typically fine but if you literally only comment with a link to your site or your comment is so vague that is clear you didn’t really read the post or watch the video and you only wanted to promote your site, it can be viewed as rude and selfish.

Be Fair When You Share If you use someone else’s works, be sure to cite them and post a link to their website/blog/video, etc. and contact them and ask to use their work. When you don’t do this you are infringing on copyrights since you are stealing someone else’s work. So if you get something from someone else, then be sure to leave a link to the original source or let your readers know where you’ve found the information

Avoid Foul Language There are tons of children reading and watching things on the internet. So try to be respectful of that, I believe that you have the power to speak in a respectful way that won’t be offensive to others. Even if you know children aren’t going to be watching your videos or reading your blogs, some people just prefer for you to speak without using foul language so you’ll get more respect, readers, and viewers if you’re language is pleasant to all types of people. 🙂

Try to Spell Correctly Not everyone is a great speller and life isn’t exactly one big spelling bee, so a few mistakes here and there are totally ok. But when you start using “text talk” consistently, it can get a little annoying to read and difficult to understand. Especially since the meanings of “text talk” is constantly changing AND different cultures/languages have different understandings for each term. So writing posts that say things like “I luv 2 rite. lol. Evry1 rly likes 2 c my cite!”really just…you get the idea! 🙂

With God’s Grace, Love, & Comfort!


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