Saturday Stillness

 I hope that you all are having a wonderful, peaceful, and quiet Saturday!

On today’s Saturday Stillness, let’s be sure to keep in mind that our goal is try to spend time without the influence and stress of the demands of work, TV, shopping, etc. Our goal is to spend time with God and our family in quite, peace and reflection.

For today’s “stillness tip”, why not try spending today listening to or watching a Bible study online. You and your friends can listen together or you can listen with your family or just yourself and your Bible. If your with  your friends & family, have a discussion afterwards. What are your thoughts on the topic? What is God sharing with you?

Some great resources are:
Joyce Meyer TV
TMEC Radio

I hope that you will be encouraged and rested this Saturday! Be sure to share your thoughts on Saturday stillness down in the comments below!

With God’s Grace, Love, and Comfort…
Alexandrea J. Wilson 


What Are Your Thoughts?

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