Favorite Beauty Apps

 If you’re anything like me, you probably love talking all things makeup, beauty, nails, etc! It’s just so fun to get dressed up and all pretty even if you have no where to go!

Here are a few of my favorite Beauty apps, do you have some that you love? Then share them with everyone down in the comments section!!

1. Beauty Tips This app is simply called Beauty Tips. It’s sponsored by Everyday Health (which is also a great app) but this app is very useful because it offers daily beauty tips on hair, nails, skin, and in general. You can even look up things specifically for your hair like hairstyles or how-to’s…or you can look up things for the best products for your skin and how to care for it best and much more. Another great feature of this app is that they also connect you with blogs that focus on cool celebrity hairstyles or just talk about all things nail polish and beauty. You can even join groups and make friends with other users who are using the app if you would like to create an account

2. Beautylish is probably one of my favorite apps on the iPhone. This app is very interactive and encourages users to make friends and conversations with people all over the world who love all things make up and beauty. You can find out what are the products that everyone is using, and you can even watch videos of other users reviewing things. There are also articles that you can read on things like, “why rice makes an amazing exfoliator” or “the best nail polish removers for your nails”. They are always producing great content and you’ll find yourself checking it everyday.

Do you have any favorite beauty apps? Share your faves in the comments below!!

With God’s Grace, Love, and Comfort….


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