Help! I Need To Make New Friends!

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 The school season is about to begin and many middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students, and grad students are about to start a new life and will have to tackle the fun job of finding new friends.

And even if you’re not about to enter into school, you may be moving to a new city or starting a new job and you’re nervous about where and how you’re going to make new friends.

Well don’t worry, you can make new friends wherever you are and here are some tips to help you find them!

1. Trust God God knows your desire for friendship and connection, pray to Him that He will guide the right people into your life and that you will have the courage to make new friends

2. Be the Friend You Want If you want a friendly friend-then be a friendly person. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Say hello to someone first, ask how someone’s day is going and actually listen. Be the friend that you’re looking for…

3. Get Out! Don’t stay at home, watching movies on Netflix all day because you’re afraid to meet new people. Sign up for an art class in town, join the gym, volunteer at a shelter or pregnancy resource center or somewhere you feel passionate about. Go out with your buddies from work or school or join a club at school

4. Avoid Negative/Gossipping People It’s easy to get caught into the trap of joining in on the current drama that is happening at your new job, school, or town. You may listen in and try to chime in your two cents in order to feel part of the crowd but when you do that, you’re setting yourself up to look like the bad guy and those same people that are gossipping with you will be the same ones gossipping about you. So it’s best to say away from people who are gossipping about other people, hang out with positive people instead

5. Be Available If you see that someone is in need and you know you can help, help. Is someone struggling in your public speaking class? Then offer to study together. Does your coworker eat lunch alone, ask if you can sit at the table with them. Ask your new neighbor if they would like to get dinner sometime…make yourself available to help other people and you’ll instantly make new friends because everyone loves helpful and available people!

6. Invite People Over if you’re not someone who likes to have company over then you don’t have to do something like this but if you don’t mind…have a game night! Invite your friends to your dorm room or apartment and have fun! Encourage everyone to bring a snack (popcorn, water, candy, soda, etc.) and if you don’t have games, invite everyone to bring a board game or something like that and have fun together! It may be awkward for the first few minutes since everyone is new but it will be TONS of fun and you’ll INSTANTLY bond and make new friends!

I hope these tips help you find new friends! Do you have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below! How do you make new friends or how would you suggest someone else make new friends? 

With God’s Grace, Love, and Comfort….


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