How to Stay Motivated For School

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 For many of us, school is either in session or about to be. Hopefully you’re feeling excited about the upcoming school year but if you’re not…here are some tips on how to get you motivated to do well in school and how to STAY motivated throughout the year!

1. Stay Organized Buy calendars, an assignment book, cute folders/binders, your favorite types of pens (my favs are ballpoints), etc. And be sure that each week you start out writing out what assignments are due, write out the times you will do research for papers, schedule in your study times, and create deadlines for any major assignments that are coming up so you’ll be constantly working on an assignment instead of having to do the assignment all in one night.

2. Use Pretty Things I know it sounds silly but seriously, when you think your school materials are attractive, you’re more likely to use them AND it will put you in a better mood.

3. Know Your Weaknesses Are you nervous about an upcoming math class? Not sure if you’ll do well in your public speaking class? It’s ok. Know your weakness and instead of shaking in your boots in fear, speak to your teacher. This is VERY important. Express your worries and fears so this way your teacher can immediately know to help you so you can succeed in your class.

4. Start a Study Group. It’s never to early to start a study group. Grab a group of people in your class within the first two weeks. Maybe the first time you meet, it can be a meet and greet and you guys can just hang and talk. This way you can get to know each other and then the next time you meet, you’ve built relationships and can get straight into work.

5. Study in Different Places Some people need variety because they get bored with their study places. So instead of studying in your room or at your desk at home, try the library or Barnes and Noble or even the park. Don’t be afraid to try different places because it may really give you the energy to stay focused.

6. Reward Yourself Write on your calendar any rewards that you’ll get for studying hard and doing well. Don’t just reward yourself for getting A’s on your papers and tests….but give yourself a reward if you study for 2 hours straight without checking your FB, etc. Rewards don’t have to be time consuming or costly, they could be simply “one day with no studying” or “an hour to watch something on Netflix”. But only reward yourself with something that you KNOW you won’t do unless you do the task you’re supposed to do first. NO CHEATING.

7. Take Breaks You may think it’s better to study for 5 hours at a time but your brain actually needs the breaks to absorb the information. So study for an hour and then take a 5-10 minute break. Walk around, write, sing, but be sure to take a break

8. Keep Your Study Space Clean It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re desk/study space is cluttered so try to keep it clear….or clean to be sure that it is a clear space…this will help you tremendously

9. Write Your Goals What do you want to learn in your class? Your teacher has an agenda for what they want but what do YOU want from the class? Write out what you want to learn and what topics in your textbook you can’t wait to read….this will keep you excited AND you’ll pay more attention

Stay focused, motivated and remind yourself that this semester you’re going to do GREAT! When you feel overwhelmed, take a break and spend it in prayer with God. Ask Him to help you stay strong!

Do you have any tips to stay motivated? Let me know in the comments below!

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With God’s Grace, Love, and Comfort…

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