I Feel Like a Defeated Christian

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 I want to be honest with you guys. Although I run a ministry and I have a relationship with God…there are times when I feel incredibly defeated. There are times when I feel like I am not being a consistent Christian and that I am constantly screwing up.

There are even times when I feel like I should quit trying to be a Christian because I make all these promises to God that I then turn around break the minute I am tempted.
There are some temptations that I no longer even think about, I just give in and choose to sin-knowing that it breaks God’s heart to see me choose the wrong path and I only do it because I already feel like I’m not going to win to be able to resist it anyway.
And then of course, I feel guilty…so guilty that I then don’t feel right asking for God to forgive me since I clearly chose to do wrong and I’ll probably choose to do wrong again.

Being a Christian is not an easy task. There is temptation lurking around every corner and there’s ridicule from TV, music, friends, movies, and much more all saying that I am “crazy”, “weak”, “ignorant”, etc. for choosing to follow God’s loving commandments in the Bible.

But I realize now that a lot of the times when I fail to overcome temptation…it’s often because I have not spent time with God.
When Christ was on this earth and He was tempted by Satan while he was in the desert-do you remember what Christ’s response was to him each time?
He constantly responded with Scripture. 
Verse after verse after verse. He didn’t speak to him from his own head knowledge-he didn’t rely on great quotes from scholarly men. He relied on the Word of God…the only Source of power he had against Satan.
However, in order to recall God’s word-he would’ve had to spend plenty of time with God beforehand.

To overcome temptation, we must prepare BEFORE temptation comes. 

If you feel like a defeated Christian and you feel like you cannot overcome temptation-remember that it is not the moment of temptation that you should be just opening your Bible or running away from the temptation or distracting yourself in order to have victory over it. Victory over temptation comes when you spend time each morning and night in devotion with God. Victory over temptation comes when you choose to learn more about God’s Word…when you attend a Bible study with your friends, when you ask for other people to pray for you, when you talk to God throughout your day. That’s when you get victory.

I hope this encourages you and helps you…it’s a message that I needed to hear for myself and so I wanted to share it with you all.

“I rise early, before the sun is up; I cry out for help and put my hope in your words.” 
Psalms 119:147

“Before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray”
Mark 1:35

With God’s Grace, Love, and Comfort…

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