How Do I Deal With My Desire for Sex?

 It would be fantastic if as single people we didn’t actually desire sex until marriage, or wouldn’t it be great if desires left us if we lost our spouse?
Honesty is going to be the name of the game here, so beware. πŸ™‚
God designed it so our bodies desires seem to awake LONG before we could do anything with them appropriately.
So what are we supposed to do with these “urges” in the mean time?
The world offers quite a few alternatives…
1. Making out or kissing someone to release your “frustrations”
2. Or they encourage doing everything BUT sex
3. Oooorrrr they encourage actually having premarital sex
4. Oooooorrrrr they encourage handling it well….*ahem* yourself.
But are these the ways that God wants you to handle your sexual desires? No…His plan for sex is actually much more romantic, spiritual and fulfilling than what the world offers and we’ll fill you in on that in a future blog.
So then…why would God give us these urges before we could do anything about them?
1. The Lord provided these desires so we would learn how to develop self-control through relying on Him.
There is nothing stronger, it seems, than the desire for sex. (I told you we were going to be honest here). When those desires begin, it seems that no other thoughts can exist and no other desires can control it.
However, the Lord promises that the more time we spend:
a. Talking with Him & reading the Bible for how to allow God to change us in every part of our life
b. Memorizing relevant Scripture to fight off the temptation (how did Jesus defeat the Devil? With the Word of God-ONLY! Read Matthew 4:1-11). It is important to recite verses that match the temptation because reciting “Jesus wept” over & over again may not help you exactly the way you want it to help you overcome your sexual temptation…
c. Reading other books by Christian authors that help us understand how to use the Bible in our everyday life.
2. I think the Lord wants to show us just how weak we are without His strength.
Often we forget just how powerless we are and I think sexual urges actually humble us and remind us just how much we must depend on the Lord for strength if we want to obey the Spirit of God and not our flesh. It’s in the valley of decision that you recognize you cannot live any pat of your life without surrending it to God and saying “Lord, I want this but I know you have a better way…so I’ll walk away and focus on You and Your word so I will not sin against you…” (Psalms 119:11)
3. And I think the Lord also wanted to give us just a little something to look forward to within marriage… πŸ™‚
So then, the next question is…as a single Christian man or woman who is desiring to not use the world’s alternatives to releasing sexual frustration, how do I handle temptations? Read Part II here! 

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