Signs You Should Get A New Roommate

 On the last episode of TMEC Radio we talked about how you can have a great experience living with your roommates this year in college. We talked about roommate contracts, boundaries, how to handle conflict, sleepovers, etc.
So be sure to check out the episode but one of the areas I wasn’t able to discuss is what to compromise on and what not to compromise on when it comes to roommates.

As a human being, we have to be willing to learn how to compromise because it’s so important. Compromise is just part of being a good person because we do differ on so many things, however there are things you should be willing to compromise on with your roommate and things that are just non-negotiable.

Here are a list of things you should be willing to compromise on:

  • Study Times/Quiet Times
  • Visiting Hours/When Friends Can Come Over
  • Lights Out Time/Bedtime
  • Cleaning Schedules (not the actual cleaning but who cleans what)
  • Cooking schedules
  • Etc.
Here are a few things you should NOT be willing to compromise on:
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Breaking School Rules (sneaking boys in, using drugs and alcohol, physically fighting one another, etc.)
If you’re roommate is doing these things, you may need to get a new roommate:
  • Trying to make you do things you don’t feel comfortable doing (peer pressure) ex. sex, drugs, etc.
  • Breaking school rules
  • Not willing to compromise on anything
  • Physically hurting you or insulting you
  • Not respecting or listening to you and your feelings
Do you have any things you’d be willing to compromise or not compromise on? Share in the comments below! 

I hope these tips help you!!
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With God’s Grace, Love, and Comfort…

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