How Does God Speak To Me?

 I think there are many ways in which God speaks to each of us. Each of us are so unique that I’m sure God uses many different avenues to get us to hear Him…however, I firmly believe that each of us has a primary mode of conversation that God uses to speak to each of us since He knows-it’s how we best feel loved, how we best understand and hear Him, and how we feel most motivated.

If you’re wondering, how does God speak to me? Then look no further! Here are some ways that you can find out how God is speaking to you primarily.
(Disclaimer, I want to strongly remind you that God does not ONLY stick to ONE way to talk to you but if you pay attention closely, you may find that He uses one way more than the other…)

  • Know Your Love Language I am a firm believer in the 5 Love Languages that was developed by Dr. Gary Chapman. Each of us has a primary love language that we use to both show love and it helps us receive love as well. You can take the free test by clicking here and visiting their site. But God already knows how you best feel loved and when you know your love language you can start to purposefully look for how the Lord is showing you that love through that language. For example, my love languages are actually quality time and words of affirmation (which means I feel most loved when people choose to spend quality time with me and when people encourage me verbally) and so I frequently see how God chooses to give me tons of free time to spend time in His Word with Him and I notice that He frequently encourages me through kind words from others as well as through writing. 
  • Consider, What do you enjoy? Do you like to write? Do you love to sing? Do you love to dream? What do you like to do? Often times, I believe that God speaks to us through the things that we frequently turn to for encouragement and relaxation. For example, if you love to write songs-is it possible that God uses those songs to speak to your heart and situation? Or if you love to draw, is it possible that God places ideas in your head to speak to you through your very own work? 
  • Know Your Spiritual Gift God has given each individual a gift that they can use to bring others to know God. But God doesn’t only use that gift to help you bring others to Him, but He can also use that same gift to speak to you. For example, if your spiritual gift is prayer…you can use that to pray for others and to encourage others with your prayers but He also could be speaking to you frequently through your prayers. Or if you’re spiritual gift is teaching, pay attention then to the things you feel led to teach or say in your teaching. You may find that the words that you’re saying to someone else are actually the words you ALSO need to hear! 🙂
These are just a few ways that you can learn how God primarily speaks to you, I encourage you to read books and search more on this topic, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!
With God’s Grace, Comfort, and Love… 

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