Ways To Spice Up Your Spiritual Life

 Having a relationship with God is wonderful, but just like any relationship, there are time where we feel like we’re in a “rut” and the things that used to work seem to not be as exciting as they once were. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful, effective, and beneficial but they just appear to not work as “easy” for you as they used to.

Spicing up your relationship with God is fun and easy and I encourage you to try new things to hear from God as well as enhance your relationship with how God is using you. Continue to utilize all avenues of how you hear God but don’t be afraid to try something new and different.

Here are a few ideas!

  • Read Christian books often times we focus on reading the Bible and then praying but why not see what conversations God is also having with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? See how God is moving in the lives of other people by reading their testimonies or read books on how to deal with your emotions, how to have a stronger faith, or how to stop using your tongue for bad things (like gossip!). Getting a fresh perspective through Christian books and Bible reading can really be exciting for you and God as He uses those books to help you grow
  • Focus on one issue/hangup/question Many of us have questions like…where should I go to college? Who should I marry? How can I handle my daughter’s decision to move out? and we desire answers. Well, God is a VERY practical God and He certainly has an answer. Use a concordance to look up particular words like “decisions” or google things like “What does the Bible say about making decisions?” to help you figure out how God encourages you to act in certain situations and you may find your answer. Always align your actions and thoughts with God’s Word and you will NOT go wrong.
  • Ask the Lord to reveal an issue/problem that is coming between you two Jeremiah 17:9 says that “the heart is deceitful above all things, who can know it?”We are GREAT at fooling ourselves but we cannot fool God. There may be an issue that is actually hindering your relationship and so you can ask God to reveal to you what are the things that are coming between you two and He certainly will tell you…either through Bible study/reading, Godly friends, miracles/signs, writing, a song, or even a random thought in your head! The Lord wants to have a great relationship with you two so He will gladly help you move anything that is coming between you two and then you could study it together through the Bible to find out how to overcome the issue. For example, if you are struggling to feel like God loves you-God may encourage you to focus on learning what love is, and how God shows it to you throughout your life.
Do you have any ways to spruce up your relationship with God? Share them down below!!

With God’s Comfort, Grace, and Love…

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