Surviving in a Big Church

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 Being apart of a big church can feel pretty intimidating and many people refuse to join simply because it seems impersonal. Although it can be easy to get lost in the crowd and become a pew warmer in a big church, it is certainly a choice that you’d have to make.

So if you are attending a big church and you’d like to have a more personal experience at your church, then try these tips to get the most out of your church experience AND to give back to the others who are in your church

Create or Join a Small Group Small groups are an awesome and quick way to make new friends. You can meet once a week at the church, your home, a coffee shop, etc. to study the Bible or a Christian book. Small groups allow you to meet with others who love Christ and are ready to serve Him. You can even do things together outside of the group like camping trips or community service projects. Join one at your church or start one if you don’t have one. Let me know if you need resources down in the comments below and I’ll help you start one in your church!

Get Involved In Ministries One of the perks of big churches are that they usually have a variety of ministries that you can join (or start!). So don’t sit at home anymore, join the church Zumba class (yes, some churches actually have Zumba classes!), go to Wednesday Night Prayer meeting, or help out in the Children’s ministries. Want to start a Christian girl’s tea club or knit club? Or do you want to start workout classes? Then contact your church clerk and find out how you can start something new at your church for the community and the members!

Get To Know Those Who Sit Around You Don’t sit silently by yourself or just talk to your friends and family. Reach out to someone and say “hello”! My church that I attend, I absolutely love because when I would come in every week, someone next to me would ALWAYS say hello and it really made me feel very welcome and wanted. So don’t be shy, say hello to the person who’s next to you. Ask them their name and how their week has been!

Go to Sabbath School or Sunday School I know, it’s early! However, going to SS is one of the BEST ways to get to know people in your church AND you’ll receive a HUGE blessing talking about God’s word with each other. You’ll be amazed at how God is speaking to the hearts of other people and it may encourage you…so go and make new friends! PLUS it’s not REALLY that early! You probably wake up earlier for class or work, and those things won’t help you enhance your relationship with God nearly as much so….:) No excuses!!

Invite People over for Potluck/Attend Potluck Why not have people over to your house? Ask everyone to bring a dish or cook something the night before and invite a few people over. You can eat then play games after or talk and catch up or do a community service project together as well. And if your church has potluck, stay and get to know your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Remember Your Purpose For Church Church is not supposed to be your source of entertainment, a chance for you to get some good Christian music, a sermon and then you go on for your day. Church is a chance for all the people of God to come together to receive encouragement from one another AND to bring the message of salvation to the world! Our message is too important to keep to ourselves, so remember your real purpose for being in church and reach out to others in your church and in your community…you may encourage someone who has been feeling lonely for a very long time or you may give someone a chance to really know Christ just because you weren’t afraid to share. 🙂

Remember that church is only as awesome as YOU make it!

Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!!

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