How To Be Faithful In The Storm

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Life can be very tough…bills, bad breakups, death, loss of friendships, car accidents, abuse…there’s always something…but did you know that you can still be faithful to God through all of that?

You can STILL have joy-even when everyone around you expects you to be sad, frustrated, and upset.

On my show last night, I talked with Lisa and Virna from By Beholding His Love Ministries about how we can remain faithful even in the midst of a storm. Here are a few ideas on how you can remain faithful to God….

Memorize Scripture Memorizing Scripture can remind you the TRUTH of your circumstance AND who you are in Christ. Often times we will believe our circumstances or our feelings OVER the Word of God. The Bible says that you are more than a conquerer (Romans 8:37) and yet you’ll tell yourself that you are a failure. The Bible tells you that God is near to the brokenhearted (Psalms 34:18) and yet you’ll tell yourself that God doesn’t care about your heartache. Recite Scripture to yourself and speak it out loud when you’re struggling with negative thoughts.

Learn How God Speaks To You I wrote a previous blog on this topic, so check it out here. It’s important to know how God speaks to you because we frequently feel like God is silent when we are in the storm. That may be true sometimes, but often times I think we just aren’t listening and we aren’t recognizing His voice speaking. Check out the blog on how God may be speaking to you so you can recognize His voice and find comfort in your pain.

Read Christian Books That Fit Your Situation God has something to say to help you and He may have already told someone else how. Pick up a book that fits your needs: being a widow, dealing with anger, handling conflict, dealing with a breakup, how to create boundaries at work, etc. are all topics that have books on them. See what God is saying to other people and find steps and encouragement.

Reach Out To Others It’s tempting to go through your storm alone, but don’t do that. Instead, ask for prayer from your church and friends, get involved in ministry (yes! I said get involved in ministry!). Being there for others will help you avoid having a pity party and you’ll see how God is blessing others and blessing you. Share your testimony with others, when you talk about your trials and your blessings-God will be praised and YOU will feel better and others will be blessed. Don’t hide, Satan THRIVES in secrecy so get out of that dark room, flip on the light and go to someone!

Find more tips on the show take a listen and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etc. Let’s encourage others while they are going through their storms!

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With God’s Grace, Love, and Comfort…

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2 thoughts on “How To Be Faithful In The Storm

  1. Hi Mindy!! Thank you so much for being so honest and sharing your experience with us. You're so right-it is very hard to be faithful in the storm, it's soo easy to just turn our backs on God and just depend on our understanding to get us through but one thing that I am learning is that every time I do that, I delay my blessing. I delay the chance for the situation to change or for me to be changed in a great way because of it. I definitely agree that we just gotta take it one day at a time (one of the hardest things for me to do!!) but that's what we need to do-and just trust God-minute by minute. I definitely encourage getting Godly support from others as well, that REALLY helps! I'm so glad that you were blessed by the tips! I look forward to hearing from you more and I encourage you to share this post and listen to the show cause it was certainly a blessing!! 🙂 God Bless Mindy!! 🙂

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