Top 10 Free Toys For Children

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With times being so hard, it can seem really hard to spend a little money on toys for your children but playing for children is important. Did you know that playing for children is the equivalent of working for adults? They need to play to learn how to understand the world and how to relate to others, etc.

So for today’s blog-I’m going to give you some great ideas on some FUN toys that your children (or the kids you’re babysitting) will absolutely LOVE and it’s all for FREE!

1. Cape made from bath towel

2. Empty squeeze bottles for tub toys

3. Arm sling made from dish towel

4. Pretend grocery store stocked with empty food packages (canned goods, cereal boxes, spices, etc.) (This is also great to teach math skills if you’re a homeschool mom)

5. Binoculars made from empty toilet paper tubes tapered together (add plastic food wrap lenses for professional effect)

6. Puppets made from the stray socks piling up in the laundry room

7. Sewing cards made from styrofoam meat trays and old shoelaces

8. Pretend post office stocked with junk mail

9. Tent made from sheets and blankets

10. Empty cardboard box

Honorary mention: Own library card
Source: The Big Book of Lists to Live By

With a little imagination and a ton of room-your kids will have plenty of fun and your wallet will thank you!

With God’s Grace, Love, and Comfort…

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