Friday Favorites

What a GREAT week! It’s been busy but it’s been great! I hope you can say the same!
I have some awesome favorites that I found this week and I hope that you’ll fall in love with them too!!!

Favorite New App: WunderList. Oh my. This app is….there are no words for it. You can use it on your mac, pc, iPhone, Android, you name it-you can use it. It allows you to make lists by categories and you can write to-do lists, create a task list and even share it with others if you need to. Check out the site because it’s awesome and the best part about it-IT’S FREE!

Favorite Sweet Moment A unique way to do wedding vows and I just thought it was the sweetest!

Favorite Site This Week: I have fallen back in love with this site, it’s created by Nicole Weider who has a ministry focused on helping Christian girls feel empowered, informed, and loved! Check it out!

Favorite Quote This Week: 
What were your favorites this week? Let me know down below!!

With God’s Grace, Love, and Comfort…


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