What Do I Do If I’m Angry With God?

 Have you ever felt so angry or disappointed with God that you didn’t want to talk to him? I know I certainly have.

If you’ve ever felt upset with God, I want to encourage you not to turn away from Him. God still wants to talk to you and He still wants to help show His plan for you and your situation.

Don’t Be Afraid To:
Scream out to him. Tell him that you’re upset with what He’s allowing to happen. Be honest. He already can see what you’re thinking in your heart and yet he STILL loves you and STILL wants to talk to you.

Cry at him. Do you just feel like crying? Then cry. Tell him why you’re disappointed, tell him what you want to happen or what you wish had happened….God wants to hear you….this will provide you healing and it is honestly sooo refreshing and therapeutic for YOU to express yourself out loud. So don’t be afraid to just cry and talk about your feelings, don’t hide from them.

Tell him what you really think Again, God already sees your heart. He knows what you’re thinking and he’s not offended by it. God is slow to anger (Psalms 103:8) and God UNDERSTANDS your pain AND your reasoning. People may not be able to understand why you’re angry or hurt…whether you’re right or wrong….but God understands and He even understands your logic so you can be real with him.

We tend to forget that God is not like man and so he can already read your heart when it’s filled with good things AND bad things (1 Sam. 16:7) and yet He STILL says that he loves us without any conditions.
David and Job are both examples of men who were honest with God about how they felt. In Psalm 60:1, David tells God, “you have rejected us…and broken our defenses….you have been angry with us; now restore us to your favor” he even goes on to say, “you have been very hard on us!” vs. 3. In Job, Job both praises God and questions God and yet God never says that Job sinned for questioning God.

Questioning God, being disappointed that something is not working out the way you wanted-it’s ok. It’s ok to allow yourself to grieve over the fact that things aren’t working out the way that you want them to.
Just remind yourself that although you may be angry and hurt right now, if you’ve asked for God’s will to be done then even this trial will turn out to be a GREAT thing for you! God’s way is always the best FOR YOU

Just Remember
God is good (Psalms 100:5)
You can trust God to work this out for YOUR good (Romans 8:28)
God is strong enough to take your truth (Hebrews 13:5)
God will still love you no matter what you say or do (Romans 8:35)
God is hurt and angry too
God is not thrown off by the situation
God can provide peace to all who ask (John 14:27)

When we’re honest with God that’s when we can truly hear him…it’s when we’re in denial about our feelings and we ignore them that the denial creates confusion and distance and it becomes difficult to feel his presence around you even though He IS THERE even if you’re angry and disappointed with Him!

God tells us not to worry because he CARES about us and that NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING can change his level of love and concern for us. His love is NOT conditional and so he doesn’t love us BECAUSE we love him-it’s the other way around. We love HIM because He LOVES US.

So if you’re angry and disappointed with God-tell him. Honestly, it’s when I realized that I could be honest with him and tell him that I was disappointed in what he was allowing to happen in my life that OUR relationship became realer, deeper, and more intimate.

Just remember, REMEMBER and REMIND yourself that
God is good
God is good
God is good
God will turn EVERYTHING around for those who love him (Romans 8:28)
God has made you MORE than a conqueror so you’ve already won this battle (Romans 8:37)
God will NEVER FAIL YOU (Hebrews 13:5)
God is NOT your enemy, GOD IS FOR YOU! (Romans 8:31)

And SATAN is the one who aims to hurt people, destroy lives and dreams, and kill (1 Peter 5:8). HE is to blame for the pain and suffering that is happening in your life. So REMEMBER that God IS not the cause-He is hurting and angry and upset, just like you. He can be your comfort-remember that. But don’t be afraid to be honest with him.

Other Tips:
Allow yourself to grieve, don’t rush the process…really try to avoid wallowing and self-pitying yourself ONLY because it makes YOU feel worse but allow yourself to say, “this sucks!” or whatever you’re feeling. Write down why it sucks or what you’re feeling and be ok with it. Tell yourself the truth because you know what, sometimes that REALLY is the case. It just sucks. But just because something stinks-doesn’t mean it will stay that way. You WILL have peace again and you WILL have joy again….so remember that.

Also, ask for your Christian friends that you know have a real relationship with God to pray for you.
There are times when your pain is just soo much that you can’t pray the way you want to and you feel too angry to ask him to be near you and comfort you….so instead ask your friends to pray. God understands and He will honor their prayers and be there for you even if you haven’t ask him to be there for you yourself…

It says that God is near the brokenhearted (Psalms 34:18)… it doesn’t say that he’s only near them if they ask-it only says that he is just near them and so no matter what, God is near to you if you are heartbroken and distraught.

With God’s Love, Comfort, and Grace… 

Also you can catch this episode on TMEC Radio on how to deal with loss to help you learn how to stay faithful even when you’re angry, confused, grieving, and upset…

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2 thoughts on “What Do I Do If I’m Angry With God?

  1. Hi Leslie! I love getting comments from you! 🙂 Prayer does sound so formal but I want to change that meaning because more often than not-it's not. I think most prayers tend to be those moments when we are asking for help or strength or comfort and they don't tend to be so formal. Although formal is awesome to have sometimes, but God is ok with the personal and intimate prayers too. 🙂 I'm so grateful that he DOES love us so deeply even when we're feeling disappointed with His will or feeling angry…I had to learn that God still loved me even when I felt upset and that He still loved me and desired me even when I wanted to pull away from HIm. I praise God though that He gave me this message because it made me realize how deeply He loves me and it makes me want to love Him more! 🙂 Thanks sooo much for commenting!! 🙂

  2. Prayer. It sounds so formal. When it's a conversation with our heavenly Father. He does love us no matter what. He sees our hearts and we need to talk to him. 🙂 Thanks for posting and linking up.

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