Decorating & Organizing Your Bedroom

 Your bedroom should be your place to relax, escape, and just make you feel at peace. But a lot of times, our bedrooms are one of the most cluttered places in our houses. Filled with magazines we’re going to read, books we promise we’ll finish, letters we’ll some day get around to read, and clothes we’ll one day put in the drawers.

If you find yourself wanting more peace and less confusion and clutter-use these tips to help make your room a safe haven!


  • List the 5 things you plan to do most in your room Examples could be sleeping, reading, talking on the phone, writing, and light exercise (like pilates or stretching).
  • Then consider what you need for those activities Examples pillows, blankets, sheets, books, night stand to hold your books, phone charger, pen and paper, and a floor mat
  • Draw out a floor plan and organize your room You don’t have to be an excellent drawer, this is just about giving you the chance to see what you would like your room to look like
Decorating Ideas
  • Aim for comfort and less clutter This is your haven so it should be optimistic and reflective of you
  • Use cool rugs Accenting your room with cool rugs can be a great way to reflect your style in a chic, easy, and affordable away
  • Muslin Drapes are a great addition to a canopy bed or to make a bed appear like ti’s a canopy. You can find these things online or at places like Walmart or Target
  • Small room? Widen the room with mirrors If you’re room is really small, make it appear larger by adding mirrors to the walls.
What are some decorating ideas that you use for your room? Let me know in the comments below!!
With God’s Grace, Love, and Comfort….

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