Save Gas with These 10 Tips!

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Everyone is always looking for ways to save money on gas and so here are 10 affordable ways you can save money at the pump!

1. Avoid aggressive driving. Things like speeding, jack rabbiting (which is when you press the gas really hard after being at a light or a stop sign) all take your gas quicker than if you go the speed limit or ease into driving.

2.  Take advantage of discounts. Currently Walmarts that have gas stations are allowing you to take 10-15 cents off per gallon if you use their walmart card to pay for gas! This will only happen until Christmas Eve so use their shopping cards next time you want to fill up!

3. Use an app. Gasbuddy is a GREAT app to use available on iPhone & Android! It will tell you where you can find the cheapest gas nearest you-even when you’re traveling-so go and download it now!

4. Use cruise control. Driving at a steady pace? Then use cruise control instead.

5. Keep tires properly inflated. When you’re tires aren’t inflated correctly, it takes more gas.  

6. Clean out your trunk. I know you’ve probably heard this but having an extra 100 pounds in your trunk means you can lose up to 2% of your mpg. Doesn’t seem like a lot but-that’s still money that you’re losing at a time when every bit counts.

7. Change your oil. Changing your oil can also improve your gas mileage, so make sure your oil is changed on time

8. Avoid driving over 60. For every 5 mph you go over 60, you’re paying an additional .30 cents per gallon, which adds up fast. So do yourself and the other drivers a favor…drive slower.

9. Plan and combine your trips. This seems like an easy thing to do, but often times, we don’t do it. So next time you’re planning to go out-try to combine your trips. If you’re going to be in one part of the town, think of all the things that need to get done over there and do them, etc. Doing this could mean an easy extra $10-15 in your pocket every week.

10. Avoid idling your car. If you know that you’re not going to be moving your car for a few minutes as you wait, turn your car off. It takes more gas for your car to be turned on and idling than if you turn it off and turn it back on when it’s time to go.


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