Friday Favorites

 Woo! The week is finally over! Can you believe it? Not only is the week over but this is the last Friday in September! Isn’t that insane?

Well whether you’ve had a stressful week or a blessed week, here are some of my favorites from this week!!

Favorite Meow: I gotta admit, I am a sucker for a great cat video!

Favorite Smell: I just found this smell this week at Bath & Body Works and OH DEAR! It smells DELICIOUS! It LITERALLY smells like frosted cupcakes! (How do they do that?!) I like to light the candle at night and just let it go….makes the whole house smell great!

Image Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

Favorite Political Resource #1: If you’re not sure how you should vote (rather than WHO you should vote for) read this book! He’s not endorsing one candidate over the other, just helping Christians identify how they should vote. It’s so short and simple, great resource!

Image Courtesy of

Favorite Political Resource #2: This resource is GREAT! Especially if you haven’t been able to keep up with the political campaign and you just want to know which candidate believes like you do about how to handle this country’s economy, war on Afghanistan, etc. This site actually tells you which candidate sides with YOU the most AND tells you what the people in your state are leaning towards…check out this site! It’s simple and easy! You just take a simple quiz, answering what’s important to you and then it gives you your results! Take the Quiz!!

What were your favorites this week??


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