How Can We Respectfully Disagree?

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Disagreements are inevitable, there’s just no way to live life without running into a disagreement with other people, so how are Christians supposed to handle them?

On TMEC Radio, Lisa, Virna, and Sandra Santos of By Beholding His Love Ministries talked with me as we looked at what the Bible says on how to handle disagreements. This is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts as we all have had to learn how to respectfully and lovingly disagree with others….

Here are a few quotes from the show:

Virna: “When we submit ourselves to the Holy Spirit and surrender ourselves as tools for God’s glory, God will do the work and God will draw all men unto Him-despite our disagreements…” 

Lisa: “It’s ok if someone disagrees with you…just be patient and just keep asking the Lord how to be friends with someone who disagrees with you…”

Want to know more? Then tune in to the episode and find out what the Bible has to say about how to handle times when you disagree with others (and with the political issues heating up-you may want to take a listen and invite others to listen too!)

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