Cooking Tips

 Have you ever wondered how long you can store food or where you can store it before it spoils?

Well here are a few tips on six food items to help you take the best care of your food!

Tomatoes: Store ripe tomatoes at room temperature for up to three days. (They get mushy and lose flavor in the fridge…)

Potatoes: Can be stored in paper, cloth or mesh in a cool dark place for a month

Onions: Can also be stored in paper, cloth or mesh in a cool dark place for a month, but you’ll want to keep the onions away from the potatoes because onions absorb moisture from the potatoes and emit ethylene gas, which speeds potatoes’ sprouting and decay

Apples: They’ll remain crisp for up to six weeks if refrigerated in a loosely sealed bag

Herbs: Refrigerate parsley, cilantro and mint in sealed plastic bags for up to a week; thyme, rosemary and chives for up to two weeks. Basil leaves can blacken in the fridge; place the stems in a glass of water, loosely cover with a plastic bag and keep up on a countertop for up to a week

Citrus: Refrigerate citrus fruits for up to three weeks. (Bring them to room temperature before squeezing to get more juice)

What cooking tips do you have? Share them in the comments below!

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