How To Increase Your Metabolism

 We all know that our metabolism is what helps us to lose weight but how do we increase our metabolism so we can keep the weight off? 
Well here are a few tips to get you going in the right direction!
1. Eat Breakfast
It’s true, eating breakfast gets your metabolism going. If you fail to eat breakfast, your body may begin to actually think it’s in “starvation” mode and slow down the metabolism to save the fat you have to withstand the possibility of not getting to eat.
2. Get some sleep
It’s important that you get your rest. When you sleep, hormones are released that help you concentrate better during the day and even regulate your metabolism. However, when you don’t sleep, a hormone called cortisol is released and that increases your desire to eat more (yikes) and because of the lack of sleep your body will have a hard time metabolizing carbohydrates…so….sleep is important.
3. Interval Training
Exercising at least 30 minutes a day is the ideal. When you’re exercising, try a pattern of working out for 3 minutes and then intense working out for 30 seconds and then slow back down for another 3 minutes. This is a REALLY fast way to also lose weight!
4. Eat often
Yes, we said eat often! Eating every 2-3 hours is actually the best thing for you to do. Eating small meals that are HIGH IN FIBER are great ways to feel full and get the nutrients you need. Eating often doesn’t mean eating junk food so make sure to eat tons of vegetables, grains and fiber, and protein.
5. Move around!
If you can stand instead of sit, then do it! Your body burns more energy standing than when sitting so you’re better off walking around or doing jumping jacks or leg lifts while you’re watching TV than just sitting down.

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