What Do I Do On Halloween Night?

The question of whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween is definitely a question that many of us ask ourselves every October.

Well if you’re looking for an answer, be sure to tune into this episode on TMEC Radio with Alexandrea as we talk about the history of Halloween, what Halloween promotes, and how should Christians should react to it all.

In the mean time though, maybe you’ve already decided that you’re not going to participate in Halloween this year but now you’re not sure what to do…well here are a few alternatives that can allow you, your friends, and your family to have fun on October 31st!

1. Harvest Fests Many churches offer fun activities in their churches for children on Halloween. Children can hang out with other kids who don’t celebrate Halloween so they don’t feel so alone in not celebrating and they can ride hayrides, win prizes, play games, and do fun things that all center around fall activities!

2. Host a Fall Party Can’t find a harvest fest in your city? Then why not have a fall party all on your own! Invite your friends & family and bob for apples, make crafts, play music, and have everyone bring a traditional American fall meal (kind of like a mini thanksgiving!)

3. Have a Bible Study Bible studies are SO fun, especially when you’re talking about a topic that everyone loves! So pick a topic (You don’t have to do a study on Halloween!) and get together and have worship together! Invite the kids to maybe put on a play of a story from the Bible so they can interact in worship and then study God’s word together.
You can also listen to one of TMEC Radio’s episodes together and then discuss what your thoughts are about the topic if you don’t know what topic to discuss…

4. Have a Game Night Game nights are tons of fun and if the kids really want to do something on the 31st, why not have a game night and even better-when people come over for candy invite them to stay and hang out! You’ll get to know your neighbors AND you’ll have fun!

5. Go Canning A fun activity that I used to do as a child was go door to door with the youth and parents of my church and we would requests canned food to give away to the local homeless shelter for their thanksgiving dinner. This was a ton of fun because 1. we got candy! and 2. We also felt good knowing that we were helping homeless people have food for thanksgiving, so get together with your church and organize to go canning in some neighborhoods in your city this Halloween!

Do you have any alternatives? Share them with me and other parents who need some ideas down below in the comments!!

With God’s Comfort, Love, and Grace…


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