Why Should I Stop Complaining?

 Have you ever met someone who did nothing but complain?
Maybe it’s one of your children, or your sibling, or maybe it’s someone from work….but when you’re around that person, how do they make you feel?

I know that when I’m around someone who complains a lot, I tend to feel very negative and unhappy. It can get frustrating to hear someone only focus on the negative sides of things and not really stop to consider the good things that are happening around them.

When we complain all we’re doing is focusing on all the things that we’re not happy about, we focus on our pain and our grief instead of focusing on solutions. It’s ok to express dissatisfaction but it’s not ok when we focus only on our dissatisfaction and we don’t attempt to find solutions or try to look at the positive sides.

Complaining makes us look unappealing, it ruins our attitude, it makes it harder to work hard, it ruins the potential for fun, and helps us ignore the blessings around us.

Philippians 2: 14-15 says,

Do everything without complaining and arguing, so that no one can criticize you.”

Whenever you feel tempted to complain, try to (1) find a way to fix what needs to be fixed and (2) find the positives in your situation. There’s a purpose for everything and so try to find what God may be trying to teach you or tell you.
Spend more time focusing on finding the solution than you do expressing your dissatisfaction.
With God’s Love, Comfort, and Grace…

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