Get Out & Vote!

 So Election Day 2012 is here and finally we all get to find out who our next president will be!

I know many people are unsure of who to vote for but remember,

No matter what God is in control, so you don’t need to worry or be afraid. God is YOUR provider and so you don’t need to worry about money, the country, etc. and how you and your family are going to survive.

Place your trust in God and remember that He will not allow anything to happen that is SO out of control that you and I could not individually handle it.

So no matter what, you can still have joy and you can still trust that God will be there for you and your family!

Have fun today! Get out and vote!

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One thought on “Get Out & Vote!

  1. Hey there Alexandrea! how are you? I've have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, why don't check today's post to know what is all about! 🙂 remain blessed! xwww.womanhoodwithpurpose.blogspot.comPS. still waiting to get an email from you!! 🙂

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