10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Family!

 Building great relationships in your family doesn’t just happen, you have to work at creating healthy relationships that last for a lifetime…

If you’re looking for ways to bridge the gap in your family and just have a great time, try these 10 fun family ideas!!

1. Create Goals: Promote activities in which siblings must work together to reach a goal

2. Games: During family time, join the children as a team

3. Working Together: Assign chores that must be completed with cooperation

4. Charity Work: Unite your children to reach out to the less fortunate

5. Fun Projects: Promote sibling activities such as large puzzles, birdhouses, or craft kits to develop a sense of teamwork. Use limited supplies such as glue and makers so children will have to share

6. An Offering For Every Occassion: Unite forces to create gifts, such as cookies for neighbors or presents for grandparents

7. Book Time: Have children reach to each other, or have an older child read to a younger sibling. Also, make up on you own “sibling” stories for your children. Have Super Brother save little sister from the scary bear, or add your children as characters to Bible stories.

8. King Or Queen for the Day: Have one day a week be “Royal Kid Day.” One child is the king or queen and will receive special treatment. The other “servant” children will also enjoy themselves as they prepare food and games for the queen or king of the day (or even make this something they only do at night)

9. Special Parent Day: Siblings will have tons of fun working together to fulfill the needs of the chosen adult. (This is great for the adults too!)

10. Family Talent Night: Encourage each child to shine like a star in front of the family. Tumbling acts, singing specials, or the presentation of school projects will bring claps and support from other siblings

You don’t have to do all 10 but these are some great ideas to start with! Let me know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook if you do any of these with your family!

What things do you enjoy doing to bring your family together? 

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