Want To Be A Guest Writer?

 Would you like us to feature your blog on our site? Consider sending in your work to us!

Guest blogging gives you the chance to gain exposure for your ministry, blog, or company to an entirely new audience.

In order to be featured though, I’ve listed a few guidelines that will help you to have a better chance to have your blog be accepted for the site!

  • Your post MUST meet the vision and mission of this ministry. We focus on uplifting Christ and encouraging and empowering people to live out Godly living, so we only post content that meets those standards.
  • Your post can be anywhere between 150-550 (we do make some exceptions) words. It’s also to easier to read if you use short paragraphs
  • Also, please include a mini biography (three to seven sentences that describe yourself) and a 125×125 picture of yourself
  • You may also include links to your twitter, facebook, official site, etc.
Email your post to: blogs@tmecenter.org

What Are Your Thoughts?

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