Why Should We Memorize God’s Word?

 I know that many Christians have spent hours upon hours devoting time to memorizing Scripture. From the time we were children in Kindergaten class, we have been learning verses like John 3:16 or John 14:1.

But have you ever wondered why it’s important to memorize Scripture?

David writes in Psalm 119:11,

“I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you” (NLT)

When we take the time to memorize the word of God, it gives us a chance to learn more about the character of God and His laws. Paul says in Romans 7:7 that the law is what helped him to know what sin is. He wouldn’t know that coveting (jealousy) was wrong if it weren’t for the law of God, so the law is good.

And knowing the law helps us to be able to know what is right and wrong and then how to live righteously. Of course, we cannot live righteously on our own. We need God’s Spirit to be in our hearts in order to actually live out good and righteous living and we can ask for God’s Spirit to help us do the right thing in our prayer time.

What are some of your favorite verses to memorize and how have they helped you do the right thing in times of temptation? Let me know in the comments below!!

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