How To Truly Forgive

 Many of us know that the Bible encourages us to forgive other people and to not let our anger and bitterness control us and separate from other people.

We know that the Bible tells us to love one another and forgive seventy times seventy, right? But what does that all mean? What does that look like in 2012? Does it still apply? Is it possible to truly forgive anyone? And what about forgetting, is part of forgiving someone forgetting that they’ve done it and not holding it against them EVER? What about if they’ve never said “sorry” or if they aren’t even apologetic at all?
Do I still have to forgive?

And what about my own emotions? What do I do with the fact that I feel betrayed, confused, upset, disappointed, and angry? Does God care how I feel about the situation or do I have to ignore it?

God has an answer and I’ve done the research! Join me tonight on at 6pm EST!

Tip: Put a reminder in your phone so you can remember to tune in! 🙂


What Are Your Thoughts?

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