Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving!

 Every Thanksgiving, families and friends come together to celebrate the year. We make tons of food and maybe watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade before we sit down to eat.

We may also offer to volunteer to help the less fortunate or we may invite someone over who we know will be alone this holiday.

Then Friday comes and the frenzy begins! We rush to get the sales at the stores for Black Friday so we can get all that we can for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

But before you rush out the door for your Post thanksgiving sales, I would like to invite you to help support this ministry!

Although everything we offer to you and your family is free, it does cost money for us to keep the website going and for our radio ministry to stay on the air and we are truly needing your help.

So if you would like to help support this website and our radio show, please consider financially supporting us this year by clicking on the live link! We would TRULY and appreciate it!

Thank you again for ALL of your continued support and your prayers!!

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