Things To Be Grateful For

 Even though this is the time of the year that we are encouraged to have a grateful heart, it can feel impossible when you’re dealing with so many bad things happening in your life.

Maybe you’ve lost your job or you’re going through a divorce.
Maybe you’ve lost a loved one or your friendships seem to be falling away….

So what do you have to be grateful for?

Well on my show on TMEC Radio, I reminded you of some of the things that are available to us to be grateful for every day of the year-and not just Thanksgiving.

At times, as Christians, we take for granted the blessings that are available to us and the peace that we have in knowing we are God’s children…so I encourage you stop and truly consider how awesome it is to have these blessings available to you and begin to praise God for the fact that you can have these things whenever you desire!

Then I encourage you to listen to the episode to get more tips on how to be grateful this holiday season and share it with a friend since you never know what one of your friends may be struggling with and may need to hear the very words that were said on the show!

Things To Be Grateful For:

  • God’s Presence: We are NEVER alone and God is not so far away from us that He cannot see what is happening with us or doesn’t care. He is ALWAYS there to comfort us-even if we aren’t aware of it. (Psalms 34:18, Isaiah 41:10, John 14:27, Psalms 73:26)
  • His ability to help us overcome any addiction, emotion, struggle, pain, trauma, and our past. God is never perplexed and caught wondering how he could possibly help us through something. He can provide us with HIS strength and HIS peace in order to overcome WHATEVER and EVERY situation we are facing. Whether we struggling with drug and alcohol addictions, sexual addictions, emotional problems, behavioral problems, childhood trauma’s, or our own poor decisions. He is NEVER caught off guard and will ALWAYS help us through ALL of it, if we ask Him. It’s sooo awesome to know that God cares about our individual problems THAT much that He will give us the power to truly change-forever, if we desire. I have seen God do this in my own life and I can’t tell you the level of gratitude I have to Him for doing this in my own life. (Philippians 4:8, Psalms 46:1-2, Proverbs 30:5, Psalms 121:1-3)
  • His ability to reverse natural consequences There are times when we don’t get what we TRULY deserve simply because we have asked for forgiveness and so God restores to us the things that we should have lost. Often times we aren’t able to see what really should’ve happened and so we fail to be grateful for those moments, but even if we don’t know EXACTLY what should’ve happened because of our poor choices, we should be truly grateful for the fact that we know that God will sometimes change our consequences, just because we have repented or just because He loves us so deeply. (Deuteronomy 30:3)
  • God’s desire to be with you for all eternity. Everyone wants to know there is someone out there who loves us so deeply they will do ANYTHING just to make us happy…did you know that that’s how God feels about you? Truly. Stop and think about it. When He knew that sin would forever separate you from Him, He chose to allow an innocent person to take your place so you could have the just the CHOICE to choose to be with Him. God desires to be with you for ALL of eternity, to know that someone desires you that deeply…it’s definitely worth being grateful for. (1 Timothy 2:4, John 3:16, John 3:17) 
Want more reasons to be grateful? Catch the episode, “Having a Grateful Heart” and truly experience what an attitude of gratitude feels like!

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