Chatting with Author Leslie Monroe!

I know there are many women out there who  are desperately wishing they could change how their marriage looks.

They wish their husbands would listen more and be more romantic…
or they wish their husbands would clean up the house more or come home earlier and spend time with the family after work.

On TMEC Radio we talked with the author of Buried Treasure: Reveal the Husband of Your Dreams and she talked with us about the inspiration behind why she wrote the book and how beginning to change her thought life began to change her marriage.

Leslie shared with us about her upcoming books as well that will focus on parenting and marriage and I know that you will truly be blessed by her future endeavors.

Get to know Leslie and catch her episode by pressing the play button below and be sure to share your thoughts and questions down in the comment section.

Get a FREE copy of her book, Buried Treasure, by clicking here.

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