How To Deal with Late Night Loneliness

 Night time can be one of the loneliest times. At the end of the day when the kids are in bed, our spouse is asleep and we’re just sitting in the livingroom, we may feel incredibly lonely.

Or maybe you’re a single person and so at night after working all day-you come home and you find that after a certain time, your heart starts to feel sad and lonely.

So how can you deal with your feelings of loneliness late at night? Why not try these tips:

1. Go to bed early. Often times we start to feel sad just because our body is tired and it’s our way of feeling “cranky”. So make sure you’re getting enough rest by going to bed before 11pm if you can.

2. Invest in your friendships. It’s tempting to get so busy with our lives that we ignore our friendships and we say it’s ok because we can just Facebook or tweet our friends. However, we need to spend face-to-face time with our friends and get outside of our own heads. So be sure that you are taking the time to actually spend time with your friends in real life and not just on the internet.

3. Spend time with God. God wants to spend time with you and when you choose to give him some of your time, you will also find that you have more peace and less fear or anxiety about being alone. Of course, this does not mean you can neglect your real life connections but don’t underestimate just how peaceful God’s presence can make you feel. So be sure to spend daily time with God through devotions and worship

4. Go out during the day. All of this may seem unrelated to being able to help you at night, but it TRULY does help you feel better at night. We all have our routines but try something different. After work, go to a bookstore and read for 20 minutes. Take your children to the park or take them to the library after school to do their homework (instead of at home) and you go and enjoy a magazine. You’ll be less likely to feel pangs of loneliness at night if you choose to invest your day time hours wisely.

5. Play music. Sometimes our feelings of loneliness can cause us to struggle with insomnia so instead of staying up all night watching TV-turn on some soft music or use a sound machine to quiet your mind and comfort you.

6. Read. Did you know that people who read are less likely to feel lonely than people who don’t? Yes, it’s true! So read a book before bed. Maybe try a classic piece by writers Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte or check out this list of must read books.

7. Admit it. Maybe you’re reading this-at night and you’re already feeling lonely and you just want to get past this moment….then I say, admit the truth. Tell yourself, “I am feeling lonely right now but I know that this feeling will pass and that I will be ok. This is normal and I’m not weird or crazy for feeling this way or feeling sad about it, I will be ok. This will pass.” Sometimes just allowing ourselves to feel the way we feel can help us out a lot. We can cause ourselves to feel so much more anxious or sad just because we are trying to ignore our feelings, so admit it and then remember this moment WILL pass.

8. Write. Write in your journal and write out your feelings and thoughts….journaling is an excellent way to find out what you’re really thinking. Often times we ignore our feelings because we don’t have time to deal with them so write out how you feel and you may find that you can find the root of our loneliness just by stopping to write about it and once you find the root, you can begin to work towards solutions.

What do you do when you struggle with feelings of loneliness? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends because you never know what someone may be too afraid to tell you they are struggling with…

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