Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

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The Christmas season has officially started (although for many people, they started getting in the Christmas mood way earlier) but now that it’s here, you may be trying to figure out what you should get for your friends and family….

Particularly since so many of us are actually still struggling financially….

Well never fear, you can just get creative this Christmas! Websites like Pinterest are great for inspiration on how to make Christmas gifts instead of buying them and who doesn’t love a one of a kind gift that is unique to their personality and needs?

Here are a few inexpensive and creative Christmas ideas, let me know in the comments below a few of your own ideas that you’re going to use this season or have used in the past!!

1. Bake something Who says that your gifts have to be toys, clothes, tools, or movies? Why not bake something for your loved ones…this is simple and purposeful since you know they’ll be able to eat it! Bake sugar cookies or some bread, include the recipe

2. Ceramics Paint a mug, plate, or tea cup and gift wrap it as a gift! You can either buy these materials at a craft store like Michaels or you can go the extra mile (and the more fun mile!) and go to a pottery store or place like that and actually paint the ceramics and have them put it in the kiln and make it official! This is a really inexpensive way to gift PLUS you actually have tons of fun too!

3. Mix it Up! I came from the era of mix tapes (on cassettes) but now a days people really only use CD’s or MP3’s, but the idea is still the same! Make a mix tape of you and the person’s favorite music from this year and put it on a blank CD, you can get CD’s from affordable stores like the Dollar Store or Big Lots and buy songs for as little as .99 cents on iTunes!

4. Encourage Reading Does your friend enjoy reading? Why not visit a used book store and buy them their favorite childhood or classic book? Did they love Judy Blume? Get them a copy of their favorite book!

5. Make Them Something Do you like making jewelry? Why not make them a bracelet or earrings? You can get all the supplies you need for as cheap as under a 1.00 each at stores like Michaels or other craft stores. This is fun to make too because you’ll know that no one else will have the same jewelry as the person you’re going to give this gift too. Or if you like to paint, why not make them a painting. If you enjoy taking photos, why not blow up a photo that you’ve taken and give it to them as a gift? You don’t even need a fancy camera, just take photos of things you love (or things you know they love) and gift it to them.

6. Give them a coupon One of my favorite gift ideas is making a coupon book for people. Include things like: “One free back rub” or “a free home cooked meal”. Make up cute little ideas that are specific to their needs and have fun with it!

7. Trail Mix Fill up a mason jar with a some trail mix and wrap a beautiful Christmas ribbon around the top of the jar lid. Include peanuts, M&M’s, almonds, sunflower seeds, and whatever you like it! I tend to like a combination of salty and sweet but mix it with things you think they’ll like it and then they’ll have a nice little snack that didn’t cost you too much to make. Plus, they’ll have a beautiful jar after that they can use for whatever

What gifts are you planning to give this Christmas? Let me know down in the comments below but do remember that no matter what-Christmas is not about gifts-it’s about remembering Christ’s birth AND spending time with your loved ones!

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2 thoughts on “Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Thank you Gretchen for commenting and visiting! I am so glad you found my blog! I LOVE the trail mix idea too!! Mostly because it means I get to eat something yummy! 🙂 LOL hahahaha Plus the person can have a pretty jar to use after! 🙂 So it's a gift that keeps on giving!! 🙂 LOL Thanks again for your comment!!!

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