Honoring Our Parents

Parents do a lot for us and often times we don’t even realize it.

If you are a parent, then you probably have a better idea of what types of sacrifices they have made for you…so then have you taken the time to show them you appreciate them just for being there for you both in the past and present?

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are great but let’s not limit showing our appreciation for our parents only on particular holidays.

Our parents deserve to feel honored and appreciated because they have placed our needs above their own, they made the hard decisions when we couldn’t, they stood by our sides whenever we felt lonely and deserted, and they need encouragement too. Being a parent is difficult and if you are already a one, then you already know this.
It’s hard to always be mindful that you are responsible for another human being, you can’t just think of yourself-you have to consider how your actions will now affect the life of another human being who doesn’t know any different.
If you’re not a parent, then you will someday realize this and you’ll want to thank your parents for making those hard decisions for you.

Plus, the Bible encourages us to honor our parents. It’s even in the 10 commandments, so it’s obviously very important to God that we do this.

So how can we make our parents feel honored and appreciated?

1. Offer to Help If you’re an adult, why not help your parents this Christmas season by offering to cover a bill? Or maybe take care of it, without telling them (if you know your parents would tell you not to do it then this is a great way…lol). If you’re at home with them, why not offer to do a chore that they’ve been wanting to do for awhile but haven’t been able to get around too…like clearing out the garage or basement?

2. Listen Now I don’t just mean listen and obey (although that’s good too) but I mean, ask how they are doing. Ask them how their day was and REALLY listen to them. Ask them about what it was like for them growing up or ask about their favorite food or their favorite band in high school. Get to know your parents and REALLY listen to them and make them feel heard.

3. Give them a gift Why not surprise your mom with flowers at her job or buy your dad that new watch you know he’s been dying to have. Mail them a card (and not just an e-card)-just because. Or take a photo that you know they love, blow it up at a store like CVS or Walmart and then give it to them in a beautiful frame

4. Spend Time With Them Sometimes we forget that our parents enjoy our company and they want to be part of lives. They want to know our deepest desires-even when we’re adults. So spend time with them, take your parents out to dinner and share your upcoming plans or what’s happening in your life right now. Make dinner at home even so you can save money and cook together.

5. Represent Them Well Some of us are not able to be with our parents anymore due to distance or because they have passed away and so just behaving well in public, being respectful of others and kind and thoughtful can also prove to honor your parents. So give your parents a good name, just by having a great demeanor in public.

What are a few ways that you can think of on how to honor your parents? Let me know in the comments!

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