How To Avoid Overspending this Christmas

 One of the major complaints during the holiday season is overspending, people intend to stick to a budget and then someone go way over it and find themselves regretting the amount of money they spent every Christmas.

So how can you avoid overspending this holiday? Here are a few tips!

1. Actually set a Christmas budget So many people say that say they have gone over budget during Christmas but you won’t believe how many people don’t even have an actual budget.
I’m not just talking about including Christmas shopping into your already normal budget, but I’m saying create another budget specifically for Christmas.
For example, if you’re only planning to spend $500.00 this year for all of your gifts for your family & friends, then divide how much you’re going to spend per person and/or per gift. An example may be that you only want to spend around $10.00 on your friends so you can spend around $100.00 on your spouse…

2. Shop for it all in one trip Instead of doing your shopping all over the place, pick a day and do all of your Christmas shopping in one day or two. This way it’s all complete and you don’t have to worry about it and you’ll be less likely to keep shopping for people when you’ve already bought enough for them.

3. Limit Your Gifts If you really don’t have the money to buy everyone you know a gift, then don’t. Don’t give into pressure when you don’t have the money. God wants us to be good stewards of our money and so we don’t need to overextend ourselves if we just simply cannot. Buy gifts for your close friends & family or just your family. And you can make gifts for your others or just send cards to everyone’s home. You can get cards at the dollar store for just a .50-1.00

4. Avoid Shopping With Friends For some people shopping with friends causes more problems because then they may continue to buy things just because they are with their friends are shopping…this isn’t the case for everyone but if you know this is you-then try to make shopping a solo experience.

5. Don’t Shop When Hungry, Tired, or Frustrated You may not have a choice and so that’s understandable but if you can-try to shop when you know you’re at your best. If not, you may just impulse buy in order to get it over with just because you’re not in the best of moods and then you may overspend. So avoid that problem by making sure you’re full, rested, and up for the challenge!

How do you avoid overspending? Let me know in the comments!

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